My name is Mary. I am happily married and the mother of three. We are located in Eastern Kentucky.  Shianne is eleven and is in the sixth grade.  Kaine is nine and in third grade.  Kaine loves Transformers. Shianne loves stuffed animals. Nathaniel is our newest addition to our family.  He was born on November 2, 2007.  He enjoys everything and is sooooo much fun!  As for myself, I collect elephants!  I have had extensive experience in photo retouching/enhancements and continue to thoroughly enjoy the process.  I look forward to working with you.

Elephant: My favorite animal!!!

I will work on any type of photo, Professional (released) or snapshots. The photo should be large and clear. If you are taking your own photos, please consider the following tips:  have child be in front of a white or light colored wall or use matching material/backdrop; have child in a well lighted room or near a window; turn camera vertical so that more of child is in the frame and less background; it is very important that the child is looking at the camera.  In conclusion, every photo is given my prompt attention toward timely completion with customer satisfaction being of utmost importance.

Due to extensive time required to complete pageant and/or natural headshots, I request a non-refundable 50% deposit, plus Paypal fees, before work begins. Please note that the orders are placed onto the waiting list in the order of deposit or payment received.  I will send you a watermarked version of your photo for your approval. If there are any changes you wish for me to make, I will do so and resend to you.  Once I receive full payment, I will email the photo in full size and with no watermark.  You may purchase the print or have the photo printed yourself.  The photo will be completely released to you.

Fancy Fotos will not be held responsible for copyright infringement and reserves the right to use any retouched/enhanced photo as samples on this site or any other advertisement such as banners, etc.
Fancy Fotos will not be held responsible for any damage incurred during shipping. Please see disclaimer for more information.

To learn more about what services I offer, please take a look at the samples.